About me



My name is David , I’m a computer technician and photographer.

I was born and live in Madrid, but Asturias make me fall in love: I use to go as soon as I can.

Photography has been my hobby since I was aprox. 17 years old. My first camera was a Panasonic FZ3, and this camera made me to love taking pictures. With a little more experience, I upgraded to the reflex world and I bought a Canon camera with a zoom lens.

Since I was 21, I've started to spend most of my free time with photography. Nature, landscapes and portraits soon became major topic of my photos, but I also like to take pictures of all styles.

To make you pictures of me should be fun. So, I want to capture people as they are, in a way that will make them smile in years to come as they look back and remember those special times.

My photography job is almost in everey area:

  • Nature
  • Landscapes
  • Portraits
  • Sports
  • Macro
  • Weddings
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Products
  • Interiors


  • Canon 1D MK III
  • Canon 5D MK II
  • Canon 17-40
  • Canon 24-105 IS
  • Canon 70-200 IS
  • Canon 100-400 IS
  • Canon 28
  • Canon 50
  • Canon 85
  • Canon 135
  • Tamron 180
  • Samyang 8
  • Canon 580 II
  • Canon 430
  • Studio Flash kit